Frequently Asked Questions

How is Goldenwest different from other clubs?

Goldenwest has delivered fantastic results in 15 years of existence and we have established ourselves as a Nationally recognized volleyball club. The vast majority of our athletes play volleyball at their High Schools through their senior season and many athletes continue on to play in college (see the alumni section of the webpage). As our club continues to grow we strive to be the regions leader in innovation and positive change for junior volleyball. Our coaches are among the best in California and the Nation (see our Staff Bios for more information). Our Staff consists of several former or current college coaches, former collegiate volleyball players, and numerous local high school coaches. Goldenwest Volleyball Club has consistently been on the cutting edge of complete athletic training. Goldenwest also provides many of our teams with assistant coaches to help train and run practices. This provides more one-on-one time so that coaches can coach - not just run drills, and allows the coaches to maximize training time with a lower player to coach ratio.

What has Goldenwest accomplished?

Teams' Achievements: In 15 years, we have delivered gold, silver, and bronze medals to several of our teams in different age brackets. We have competed in the 3 main National Tournaments: USA Volleyball Junior National Championships, The Volleyball Festival, and the SCVA Summer Soiree. In our 15 years, we have 2 Golds, 3 Silvers, 3 Bronzes, two Junior Olympic MVPs and over 17 Junior Olympic All-Americans. This past season, Goldenwest VBC sent five teams (18/17/16/15/14 Asics) to the Junior Olympic Championships in Dallas, TX. Most notably our 17 Asics team finished 5th in the National Division, while our 16 Asics competed in the Open Division (1st GW team to qualify in the open since 2011).


A quick look at our Alumni page will give you an idea of how many players we send off to play in college. Goldenwest VBC is nationally recognized by college coaches as a club that produces players with great skill, attitude, and leadership. We have had tremendous success securing scholarships for our players at all levels of collegiate competition. From Division I to NAIA and local community colleges our players have the passion and drive to continue competing in volleyball. Please take the time to look at the 15 year history of our athletes going on to play in schools all across the country in the Alumni Section of our website!

My Daughter Plays another sport, is that a problem?

No. A number of multi-sport athletes play at Goldenwest, especially in the younger age groups. We ask our athletes and parents to communicate with coaches in regard to their schedule so that we can make adjustments so all players can attend practices regularly. We want as close to 100% participation in practice as possible. Practicing at the American Sports Center allows us to practice multilple days of the week and at various times so we can be flexible to meet the needs of our multi-sport athletes.

How many teams does Goldenwest have?

We are one of the larger clubs in Southern California regularyly fielding 20-23 teams per season. We have multiple teams in 18s, 17s, 16s, 15s, 14's, 13's and 12s. At Goldenwest we have a team for any player at any level that wants to get better and is willing to put in the time to do so. Whether you want to play in Div. I with a scholarship or are an 8th grader wanting to get ready for High School Volleyball we are the club with the program for you!

Where do teams practice?

The home gym for Golden West Volleyball Club is The American Sports Center (ASC). Our club offices are located at the ASC giving us a great opportunity to provide great facilities with the best practice schedule of any club in Southern California. Having one location to call "home" enhances our ability to offer a consistent, high quality program. All teams practice at similar times and enables the older players mentor and serve as role models for younger players; and to foster a sense of community among all the players' families. Fullerton College and their new sports facility (including Sand Volleyball Courts) will be used primarily as a weekend practice facility.

How much do teams practice?

All of our teams will practice two-three times per week for a total of 6-8 hours per week. All schedules will depend on their competition schedule. GW tries to keep the practice schedule consistent from week to week and will post practice schedules for the month, two weeks prior to the beginning of that month.

What days do teams practice?

The exact days and times vary from team to team. We post a schedule on our web site for players & parents alike to have ample time to work with our schedule. In past seasons we have practiced either 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm or 7:00 pm to 9:00pm (these times are weekday times and times may vary). Monthly practice schedules will be viewable 2 weeks before that month so that everyone involved knows exactly when and where we practice.

How long is the season?

The season is approximately 32 weeks long. Team competition in the Southern California Volleyball Association begins in January and finishs at the SCVA Regionals by the first week of June. Teams that qualify for Junior Olympic competition will train for an additional 2 weeks and play 1 week of Junior Olympic tournament.??We will send teams to the Junior Olympics through qualification or they will participate in either Volleyball Festival, AAUs or the SCVA Summer Soiree.